Another Lost Phone

Another Lost Phone for iPhone

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  • Version: 1.3

Cool Game for Puzzle Fans

Another Lost Phone is the sequel to the A Normal Lost Phone game series, which introduced players to the character of Laura. With this instalment the adventure continues and presents players with new puzzles to solve and an interesting and engaging storyline and comes complete with plenty of twists and turns.

Hanging on the Telephone

Anyone who has every used a mobile phone should be able to get to grips with playing Another Lost Phone straight away. The screen takes on the form of a large mobile phone and players have to press different buttons to uncover puzzles and put their little grey cells to work to figure out what the information they are presented with means and how it needs to be used. There are several different voice messages that can be played to offer insight into different aspects of Laura’s life, which can help players to understand more about the character and ultimately provide clues about what needs to be done.

Phoning Home

While there are plenty of plot twists and puzzles to solve in Another Lost Phone, many of them are rather obvious and may leave some gamers feeling less than satisfied. However, anyone who is a fan of the original game is sure to find plenty to like about Another Lost Phone and it is worth taking the time to put the game through its paces.


  • Detailed and interesting storyline
  • Lots of different puzzles to solve


  • A bit on the short side
  • Some puzzles are quite easy

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Another Lost Phone


Another Lost Phone 1.3 for iPhone

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